Spring into summer 60 day challenge

Spring into Summer 60 Day Fitness Challenge #GetFit

It is time to wrap up our Spring into Summer 60 Day Fitness Challenge!
Thursday, June 22nd at 8:15pm Reiki Restorative with Linda

You could WIN:

MISSION: PHYSICAL RESULTS Strong, long, lean, flexible & defined

The idea behind our Spring into Summer #GetFit 60 Day Challenge – is to focus on building healthy habits into your everyday. 21 Day Power Pilates Challenge – goal 21 classes in 21 days to build long, lean and strong muscles. 9 Day Nutrition Fuel Up – the goal to enjoy a healthy daily smoothy and learn how easy it can be to fuel your body. 30 Day Yoga Challenge –  goal 21 classes in 30 days to focus connecting body, breath and mind.

  • Starting Monday, April 24th though Wednesday, June 21st
  • Earn 1 point for every class you attend, and every SB smoothy you drink.
  • Earn 2 points for every Pilates Flow, Ballet Fusion, HIIT CardiYoga, and Balance Flow class you attend during the 21 Day Pilates Challenge.
  • Earn 5 points for each workshop you attend. 2 Reiki and 1 Nutrition.
  • Earn 66 points throughout the 60 days to be eligible to WIN!
  • Save nearly 50% on our special 2 month membership rate of $145+hst instead of $280+hst
  • Save 40% when you buy all three workshops for $45+hst instead of $75+hst

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Nutrition Fuel Up