Private Classes

Private classes


Book a private class with either Jess, Olivia or Lawrence.

Private classes are a great way to learn – about yoga, about your body and your breath.  Take this as an opportunity to build your practice and your knowledge by asking questions, receiving hands on adjustments and flowing through a class that is 100% about you!

There is no perfect time to try a private class – it could be your first class to build confidence before you try a group class. It could be after practicing for a month and you have questions about a pose, an injury or a modification. It could be after years of practice and the desire to take your practice in a new direction – physically or meditatively.  Whatever your reasons – talk to your teacher and have them create a class designed specifically for you, your needs, your body and your goals.



Please email: to schedule a private class. Please include the following info:

  • Teacher you would like to guide you
  • Desired date
  • Ideal time
  • A little bit about why you would like to have a private class so that the instructor can begin crafting your class!