About Studio Blue Yoga & Fitness


The Studio Blue concept was inspired by the love of practicing and playing outdoors on warm, sunny days. The studio is warmed to 26 degrees, the perfect summer day temperature. Full spectrum lights bathe the practice room providing benefits of sun light even when summer days may be months away. Studio Blue has been designed to tap into the incredible feel good sensation of summer and play all year long. Our mantra is practice playfully and we encourage all our teachers to channel their inner child and craft creative, nurturing and challenging classes for people of all levels of physical fitness.

Why Blue?

Blue is the colour of a clear sky and the deep sea. The colour blue surrounds us and covers much of the earth’s surface. It is often associated with depth, balance, stability, calmness, tranquility, power and integrity – all qualities that we, at Studio Blue, are trying to explore, and offer at the studio and in each and every class.

Class Descriptions


At Studio Blue we hold many different workshops every month, both with our own teachers and with some visiting teachers. Our workshops are a great way to deepen your practice allowing you to explore particular groups of poses in depth, learn about yoga, or spend time on specific aspects of yoga such as meditation and pranayama. Workshops are the perfect complement both to classes and to a home practice, offering inspiration, insight and focus.

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