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We are here to help studios with all stages of development ranging from pre-production & bench marking to hitting deadlines & milestones throughout their project by supporting them with additional staff resource. 

Being fully aware that games are becoming larger and more complicated to create, studios at times can struggle with content delivery due to staffing shortages or scope of works being too large to handle internally.

We offer a flexible approach to these issues and are here to assist on a short, or longer term basis.


If you're already using an external partner but need assistance managing the end to end process of work being delivered on time and to quality, we can step in and provide our management services ensuring a smooth delivery to you. 

Studio Blue is familiar with developing for 1st party hardware, working in a plethora of game engines and are familiar with current generation techniques such as PBR.


High quality 2D & 3D artwork covering all aspects of video game development, including…

animation icon


Bring your characters or objects to life

environments icon
chatacters icon


Heads, bodies - we cover it all

foliage icon
concept art icon

Concept art

Realistic or stylised pre-production concept art

marketing icon



Marketing material

All aspects of video game environments

All foliage types including seasonal variations

Press packs, posters, box art

props icon


Buildings, scene dressing, incidental assets

rigging icon


Character rigging

vehicles icon


High and low resolution vehicle types

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